Unlocking Your Hidden Leadership Potential Workbook (Instructors Guide)


Unlocking Your Hidden Leadership Potential Workbook (Instructor’s guide) is a complete answer key to the student’s guide that offers tips, instructions, and understanding to run group sessions and better connect with students while building professional relationships. The instructor’s version is a step-by-step guide to leadership development that provides a tangible, clear path for young people to become sparks in their community, school, family, and peers’ lives. Not only for teens and college students, but this practical guidebook also speaks to recent graduates and young adults who are still seeking their purpose of existence or need guidance on how to make a difference where they are as the instructor provides content through creative learning.

Also, this leadership workbook will help instructors follow along with students as they are challenged with questions, thoughts, and ideas, leading to self-discovery of their students.  During this workbook, Instructors will be able to but not limited to…

-Maximize group sessions

-Build better relationships with students

-Have baseline answers to crucial leadership terms

-Helpful tips on building a healthy structured environment

-Follow along with students

-Understand the direction of the curriculum through the mind of the author

-Challenge the thinking of group participants

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