Life Skool Leadership Mentoring Program is a unique approach from any other mentoring structure in today’s communities or public school systems. With the service of experienced and educated mentors, the Life Skool leadership mentoring prevention program is a 6-month step-by-step, hands-on leadership development learning course that empowers students to focus on tools necessary to discover who they are along with life purpose while building supportive relationships and engaging in community service projects.

The primary goal is to prevent the school-to-prison pipeline and promote resiliency while exposing students to career pathway opportunities. This is achieved by targeting the highest-needs students in the school discipline system, those already identified to have aggressive and disruptive behaviors. We will target but are not limited to working with tier 2 and tier 3 students. Tier 2 students need intensive social skills training and support, Increased academic support, and alternatives to out-of-school suspensions. In comparison, tier 3 students need intensive academic help, school-based adult mentors, intensive social skills training, individual behavior support plans, parent engagement, alternatives to out-of-school suspension, and community supervision.

Students work with a youth advocate for a year, focusing on pro-social groups and individual counseling sessions. Life Skool Mentoring Program aims to increase academic performance, reduce behavioral referrals, and introduce students to community service projects and cultural enrichment field trips while creating career pathway opportunities and building lifelong relationships with trusted community members.

We value providing social-emotional learning opportunities to students that will positively impact their mindset, academics, and leadership development. Also, student groups and individual sessions will provide intensive support that addresses social and emotional health techniques based on individual student needs. Students will examine the importance of moral character in leadership development and learn how unlocking one’s full potential can equate to success. To achieve these benchmarks,  the curriculum is divided into courses, classes, enrichment field trips, creative writing workshops, and community service projects but not limited to:

Class Includes:

1. Goal Vs Goals of a Leader
2. Strengths Vs Weaknesses
3. No Excuse Mindset
4. Emotional Development Learning
5. Six Belief System Principles
6. How to Define and Develop Your Leadership
7. Building Leadership Development
8. P.A.E Model
9. How To Prevent Criminal Activity
10. Eight Roles of a Leader
11. Commitment Development
12. The Role of Character in Leadership
13. Conflict Resolution Training
14. Enhance Personal and Social well-being
15. Keys to Leadership
16. Effective Communication with Law Enforcement & Gun Violence Prevention
17. Leadership Plan: Call to Action
18. Financial Literacy Classes
19. Emotional Intelligence Development Training
20. Creative Writing & Etiquette Workshops
21. Adversity Laws. Students will also experience various cultural enriching field trips during the course timeframe, including priority registration for the annual Darius Pettway Youth Leadership Conference held every summer in Waxahachie, Texas.

At the end of this course, students will keep their workbooks, which contain their commitment signature and call to action plan to accept the responsibility of serving others and becoming an asset to their family and community. In addition, students will have the opportunity to receive a college scholarship or incentive based gift card.

Understanding community and classroom needs Life Skool mentoring program will instantly increase classroom performance amongst students and educators by using a simple five-step process to complete its mission…

Relationship Building
Healthy Structured Groups
Individual Student Mentor Sessions
Creative Fun Learning
Family Engagement Sessions

Life Skool Mentoring Program


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