Darius Pettway Life Skool a 501(c)(3) is unique in that we target, but not limited to, working with students who have the greatest risk of entering the adult or juvenile justice system. This is identified through family involvement, school discipline and the community supervision system. The average Life Skool students come from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods, single-parent homes, and cultures of hardship, often resulting in unstable behaviors based on survival and antisocial tendencies. It is our promise to eliminate challenges and barriers that our students face.  Life Skool aims to disrupt this cycle through our core values which are family, career and environment. With our program’s students will develop the skill of leadership identification, self-empowerment and conflict resolution. Studies have shown these skills can reduce the appeal of criminal activity and prevent a revolving door into the criminal justice system. With your continued support our students and countless more can overcome their barriers and be exposed to opportunities that will empower them to unlock their highest potential to succeed in life and discover who they are.

Donate to help youth in your local community

$1,000 funds Darius Pettway Life Skool Mentoring Program for one student.

$2,000 funds six months of individualized mentoring for one student.

$250 funds one student registration fees for Darius Pettway Youth Leadership Conference.

$150 will fund Darius Pettway mentoring program graduation uniform and reception for one student per school.

$50 will gift one student our “Unlocking Your Hidden Leadership Workbook” and writing utensils that is required for each program.

$30 will fund one student  registration fees for our day leadership workshop class.

$10 will fund supporting enrichment programs and supplies.

Please consider a generous donation and thanks for helping Darius Pettway Life Skool students to unlock their hidden potential.