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 Life Skool is a 501(c)(3) that provides comprehensive community-based prevention and intervention developmental leadership programs, conferences, and enrichment field trips to students ages 11-17 who are “most vulnerable” to entering the juvenile justice or adult correctional system. This is identified through family involvement, school discipline, foster care, and the community supervision system. The average Life Skool students come from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods, single-parent homes, and cultures of hardship, often resulting in unstable behaviors based on survival and antisocial tendencies. We promise to eliminate the challenges and barriers that our students face. Life Skool aims to disrupt this cycle by developing three underdeveloped principal skills: Leadership Identification, Self-Empowerment, and Conflict Resolution.  Studies have shown that these skills can reduce the appeal of criminal activity and prevent a revolving door in the criminal justice system while allowing students to maximize their potential.


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About The Founder

Darius Pettway, MAS, is a passionate youth advocate and author who believes in the power of faith, sacrifice, and the strength of family. Using his knowledge of the criminal justice system, Darius has vowed to give his time and efforts to those youth who may otherwise be overlooked. He has spent all his energy counseling young men and women in underserved communities, including residential and independent living centers, the Austin Independent School District, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and Dallas renowned mega church, the Potters House. Darius also serves as a member of the Texas Center for Justice & Equality coalition Statewide Leadership Council whose mission is to educate communities across the state of Texas on current legal policies and practices while ending mass incarceration.



Together, our mission is to restore hope and opportunity into young adults by providing them with tools of leadership, self-empowerment, and conflict resolution to unlock their hidden potential through mentoring services.











Class of 2019 Darius Pettway Youth Leadership Conference

Sponsored By: Walls Of Life Publishing

DPYLC is a proven blueprint that provides young adult males positive alternatives to gangs, violence, and dropping out of school while developing their leadership skills and exposing them to higher educational opportunities, financial literacy and skill trades.

Students Served

20 Students Ages 7-18
Cabin Style Logging
3 Nights 8 Meals
Unlimited Beverages/Snacks
Personalized Uniforms
Conference Curriculum

Camp Activities

Lead The Lion
5:30am PT Training/Team Bonding (Daily)
Picnic Bon Fire Pit
Lake Sports (Paddle Boats/ Canoes)
Outdoor Pool and slide
AMC Team Movie

Community Engagement

VNA Meals on Wheels
South Dallas
Served over 50 Families
Health Snack Packs


Over 1.2 million students drop out of High School in the United States every year; this number means that one student every 26 seconds, or 7,000 students per day, does not complete High School. In addition, U.S. High School dropouts commit 75% of all crimes, and out of that population, roughly 95% will return to their respective communities. Knowing this problem needs solutions, we must work to Create Youth Leaders Of Today!


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What is your edge?” After reading Darius Pettway’s, “A Chance To”, you will be inspired to seek the answer to this question. Darius’s autobiography is a profound read that will inspire all walks of life. No obstacle was too insurmountable to keep Darius from defying the odds stacked against him. “With Vision Comes Commitment.” This heartening journal is sure to inspirit and cultivate its audience while defining the real meaning of the word ‘perseverance’. You CAN make your dreams a reality. Read this invigorating narrative; it will impart a divine influence on your mind and soul.

-Stephanie R

Love the book so far, I believe it was chapter 3 about the woman son and your uncle I can relate to the situation from my family an among other situation dealing with fighting in a relationship, so it’s very interested so far.

-Brittany F

Your story is inspiring. Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing it with the world. I read the entire book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. It developed a new wave of passion and desire for everything I’m working toward for my future. Keep up the hard work and the grind, Darius. Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

-Stephanie H

Mr.Darius pushed me to my absolute best in both the classroom and athletics. My leadership skills have improved over the years. I am now able to reach back and help other 8th graders that suffers with some of the same issues I faced while in middle school. Simply put, Mr. Darius is the best coach and father figure to me.

-J Gentry

Thank you for coming, I’m glad I was able to finally meet you. I will always remember what you told us “With Vision Comes Commitment”

-William J

Darius, Man, it feels good to be writing again. You don’t know how you’ve re-kindled a fire in me that was going out. I’m almost finished one chapter; I have five more to add. I really appreciate it! Thanks,

Deacon Sherman Powers, MBA

I appreciate you, I love the speech, you really inspired me to reach my full potential. I learned I got to stay strong. I really related to your story, lots of people came in and out of my life and told me I couldn’t do things and I would either be dead or in jail. But I now have hope after hearing your story. I liked how you believed in yourself and I’m going to do the same.

Darnell C

Thank you for taking me out to lunch and helping me find a solution to talk and forgive my father. I plan on helping others as well. Thank you coach

- Wilson

I first met Darius when we both worked together at Holy Cross Children Services. One of the best attributes about him is that he was direct and upfront with the youth at Holy Cross and that was the foundation to building his relationships with them. He was able to relate with many of them from the experiences that he had from his childhood and many things he witnessed. Overall many of the youth that left our unit where equipped with the necessary tools to transition back into society.

-Markeen B

I have seen Mr. Darius Pettway excel at engaging and motivating the younger generation while working alongside him in the past. He demonstrated a rare ability to not only connect and identify with youth but inspire the young people to strive for excellence.

-Cedrick B

My name is Oseen I was in the front row. I would like to thank you for coming to talk to us. I just want to say that before now I never had a hero, but now I do Mr.P you are my hero.


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